Paula has worked for NHS services for over 13 years. She has experience of working within mental health services for adults, people with learning disabilities and older adults experiencing memory problems and dementia, but most of her experience is with children, adolescents, young people and their families experiencing social, emotional and psychological difficulties. Following qualification as a clinical psychologist, she worked within Trafford Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services (CAMHs) and Trafford Looked after Children’s services. She has recently left the NHS to pursue a career as an independent clinical psychologist.

Paula obtained a First-class honours degree in Psychology and was also awarded project of the year from the University of Central Lancashire in 2005. She worked as an assistant psychologist for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust for 3 years, initially working with adults and then expanding her experience to working with children and families and working onto a secure acute inpatient ward. Paula then went on to complete her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester (2013), with specialised placements across Manchester and the North West, whilst developing a specialist interest in complex trauma, gender development and improving the quality of therapeutic relationships.

Paula runs a clinic in South Manchester and practices from the Brooklands Therapy Rooms (near Brooklands Met).

​​​​Dr Miriam Wade
07421 897 916

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (ClinPsyD); The University of Manchester
Psychology (BSc with Honours); The University of Central Lancashire
CBT Core principles and Practice; St Martins College
Psychoanalysis applied to personality disorder
Principles of psychotherapy, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Certificate in Social Sciences; The Open University
Animal Assisted Therapy, Level 3, Higher Distinction; Oplex Career

​​​​​Amy Wells

​​Professional Qualifications
​​​​​Dr Daniel Weisberg
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Miriam has worked as a clinician within the NHS for the past six years. Miriam has experience of working with people of different ages and backgrounds who are struggling with psychological distress. For example, she has worked within adult, older adult, learning disability, forensic and child mental health services. During her training as a Clinical Psychologist, Miriam chose to specialise in working with children, adolescents and their families who were experiencing a range of psychological and emotional difficulties. Miriam is currently employed by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust where she continues this work. In particular, Miriam specialises in working with children and young people who have experienced trauma as well as families who are experiencing difficulties within parent-child relationships. Miriam also works with children and adolescents who are struggling with eating disorders and a range of other behavioural and emotional difficulties.

Prior to her role within the NHS, Miriam spent several years working as a research assistant at the University of Manchester where she contributed to mental health research. Miriam also spent time working within adult mental health services where she delivered face-to-face therapeutic interventions as well as computerised cognitive behavioural therapy. Miriam has also worked within education as both a teaching assistant and as a research assistant exploring mainstream educational provision for children with autistic spectrum disorders. Miriam has presented at conferences for the BABCP (British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies) and has published academic peer-reviewed journal articles on mental health. She has also written a book chapter on emotional regulation.

Miriam was awarded a first class honours degree from the University of Manchester for her Undergraduate Psychology degree (2006). She completed a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology at the Manchester Metropolitan University (2010) and she completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester (2017). Miriam joined CAYP Psychology in 2018 and runs clinics in Stockport on a Monday morning.

Dr Paula Butroid

Clinical Psychologist

​BSc, ClinPsyD

Dr Miriam Wade

Clinical Psychologist

BSc, MSc, ClinPsyD

Psychology (BSc with Honours); The University of Birmingham
Doctor of Philosophy, Cognitive Development (PhD); The University of Birmingham
Advanced Practice Interventions for Mental Health, Primary Care Pathway (PGCert); The University of Manchester
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (ClinPsyD); ​The University of Manchester

CAYP Psychology is based in Whitefield, Manchester, but we run clinics across the North West

​​Professional Qualifications


Amy has worked as a practitioner within the NHS for nearly five years. She is a Creative Therapist with a masters in Dramatherapy, graduating from the University of Derby. She has developed her practice to include various forms of play and creative intervention, including sand, story, and mask making. She has a passion for offering an alternative to talking therapy, giving clients a safe and containing space for them to work through and process unresolved conflict and trauma. She is keen to nurture self-expression and support personal growth within the therapeutic relationship.

Amy trained at the University of Essex to become a qualified Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in July 2014. She uses cognitive behaviour therapy techniques with young people experiencing difficulties such as depression and anxiety. Within the NHS she has supported children who struggle with panic, OCD and phobia alongside other forms of psychological distress.

Amy has a keen interest in working with families and considering things from a relationship perspective. She has experience managing a complex case load of children and young people with a variety of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. She co-developed the attachment pathway and co-facilitated a group for parents with children with attachment/ relationship difficulties. Previously she has experience working with looked after children and children with neurological disorders (including autism and epilepsy). She also had jobs as a teaching assistant and a support worker in a forensic secure hospital.

Amy has trained in Theraplay Level 1 which is a play informed intervention for children and young people who have attachment difficulties. It comprises of four elements; nurture, structure, challenge and engagement to help those who have often gone through adverse early life experiences.

Currently Amy is attending the Northern School of Psychotherapy in Leeds one day a week completing a course in Psychoanalytic Observational Studies. Here she is learning more about unconscious processes, how our personalities develop and gaining a greater insight into the development of the internal emotional world of the infant/ child. She hopes to apply for the clinical training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy next year.

Amy has a keen interest in the arts and enjoys going to the theatre. She is crafty and enjoys making things, and loves feeding family and friends. She adores her cat Battle Cat

Psychology (BSc with Honours); The University of Northumbria Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy); University of Newcastle Postgraduate Diploma in Evidence Based Psychological Therapies for Children & Young People: Cognitive Behaviour Pathway (PGDipCogTher); The University of Manchester

Registered Practitioner Psychologist and member of the Health Care and Professionals Council (HCPC, PYL29627)

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​​​Dr Paula Butroid
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Jenni has worked in the NHS since 2003 and as a Clinical Psychologist since 2011. She specialises in child and adolescent mental health and works with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties, and with children and young people with autism spectrum conditions. 

Post-qualification Jenni worked within Newcastle Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and as part of her role was lead author on a systematic review about self-reported quality of life of young children with congenital health conditions. 

Jenni has 5 years experience working within Manchester NHS Foundation Trust in CAMHS. As part of this service she also works with children with learning disabilities. Jenni offers evening and weekend clinics as part of CAYP Psychology from the Sale clinic.

Jenni completed her undergraduate psychology degree at the University of Northumbria (2002) and gained an upper second class degree. As an Assistant Psychologist Jenni was part of a child mental health research programme and was involved in several research publications. She also worked as an Assistant Psychologist at Booth Hall Children's Hospital. Jenni completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Newcastle University (2011). She was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Evidence Based Psychological Therapies - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by the University of Manchester (2017).

Dr Daniel Weisberg, CPsychol

Highly Specialised Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Director of CAYP Psychology

BSc, PhD, PGCert, ClinPsyD

​​Professional Qualifications


Daniel has worked for NHS services for over eight years. He has experience of working within mental health services for adults, people with learning disabilities and older adults experiencing dementia, but the majority of his experience is with children, adolescents and young people experiencing health, social, emotional and psychological difficulties. After he qualified as a clinical psychologist, he worked within Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust for Children's Psychological Services. He is currently employed by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and works within the Paediatric Psychosocial Department. In his work there, Daniel specialises in paediatric neuropsychology, and works into the paediatric epilepsy surgery, metabolic conditions, rare genetics, muscular dystrophy and neurofibromatosis teams.  

Daniel obtained an upper second class undergraduate psychology degree at the University of Birmingham (2007) and completed his PhD investigating children's understanding and experience of regret and relief (2011). During his PhD, he published work in international peer-reviewed academic journals and presented his work at national and international conferences, including in Oxford, Nottingham, Birmingham, Denver, Las Vegas, Granada and Budapest. Daniel worked as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner for the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) rollout (2012) for two years. Daniel then went on to complete his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester (2015), with specialist placements across Manchester and the North West, whilst developing a specialist interest in paediatric neuropsychology. 

Daniel has served as the co-editor of the Developmental Psychology Forum, the newsletter of the British Psychological Society's Developmental Psychology Section.

Daniel founded CAYP Psychology in March 2016, and has seen it grow into a thriving  psychological healthcare service for children, adolescents and young people across Greater Manchester and the North West.

​​Professional Accreditations
Dramatherapy; University of Derby
Low Intensity Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner; University of Essex
Theraplay Level One Adoption First
Psychoanalytic Observational Studies; University of Leeds Northern School of Psychotherapy

Best Psychologists in Manchester
Registered Practitioner Psychologist and member of the Health Care and Professionals Council (HCPC, PYL32317)
​Chartered Psychologist status within the British Psychological Society (BPS, 295610)
Registered member of the newly formed Association of Clinical Psychologists

​​Professional Qualifications

Dr Jenni Jardine, CPsychol

Clinical Psychologist
BSc (Hons), DClinPsy, PGDipCogTher

Amy Wells

Creative Therapist

BA (Hons.), MA, PGCert

​​​​Dr Jenni Jardine

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Weisberg, D. (2019). Learning and Behaviour in Kabuki Syndrome. Presented to The Kabuki UK Information Day 2019. Watch the animation from the video here: https://youtu.be/jVR-YssS8yg