We offer clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Staffordshire, Solihull and Kent, and we are available online, nationwide.

CAYP Psychology, 122 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6AD

Mon - Fri: 8.30AM - 6.30PM



We offer clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Staffordshire, Solihull and Kent, and we are available online, nationwide.

CAYP Psychology, 122 Bury New Road, Whitefield, Manchester, M45 6AD

Mon - Fri: 8.30AM - 6.30PM


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Professional and Effective Assessment, Therapy and Support

We are specialists in psychological assessment, intervention and support for Children, Adolescents and Young People.

We are based in Manchester, and we offer clinics across Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Staffordshire, Solihull and Kent, and we are available online, nationwide.

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About CAYP

CAYP Psychology is an independent clinical psychology service specifically for Children, Adolescents and Young People. We offer sensitive and thoughtful psychological therapies for a wide range of social, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties.

We also have expertise in assessments of intellectual functioning, learning disabilities and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, and assessments of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our top priority is effective, professional and timely psychological support for Children, Adolescents and Young People.

We Offer the Highest Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Proficiency

We specialise in effective, evidence-based and professional psychological work approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). We are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

We will always strive to practice to the highest standards, meaning that we prioritise your children’s wellbeing in a safe, trustworthy, honest and respectful manner.

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Psychological Therapies

We specialise in effective psychological assessment and intervention for a wide range of social, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties.
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Intellectual Assessments

We offer comprehensive assessments of cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses, in the context of psychological wellbeing.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments

We offer specialist assessments of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for children and young people aged between 6- and 19-years.
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LGBTQI+ Support

Sensitive and thoughtful advice, support and information, and we can liaise with national charities and organisations.

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Registered and Regulated

All our clinical psychologists are regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and practice to the highest levels of conduct, performance and ethics.
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Meet The Team

We are a team of highly qualified clinical psychologists, with experience of psychological therapies in both private, NHS and charitable settings.

Our Amazing Testimonials

A close relative of ours used this service (primary school). Dr Jardine was wonderful - attentive and emotionally and practically helpful. Very lucky to have this service nearby.
Robyn Ashworth-Steen
Robyn A.
18:53 16 Jan 22
We were delighted with the service from Daniel at CAYP. From the moment we stepped into the CAYP offices it became clear everything is geared towards creating a relaxed and safe space for young people. Our son has benefitted hugely from the plan Dan helped us put together and we would absolutely recommend CAYP Psychology.
Anna F
Anna F
15:11 10 Jan 22
Delyth Parsons
Delyth P.
12:12 28 Dec 21
We worked with Jenni for a few months for my 9-yr old daughter who had developed anxieties following a move abroad. She worked very carefully with P to ensure she took the time to not only deal with what was going on but more importantly ensure P understood what she was feeling and why. We use all the techniques that Jenni taught us and my daughter regularly puts them into play. Her anxieties still occur but she doesn't fear them anymore and she has learned how to deal with them herself which is incredibly admirable at such a young age.
Rebecca Muldoon
Rebecca M.
18:36 03 Oct 21
Jenni was excellent with my daughter Madison and she was quick with the report of her diagnosis. Excellent service. Susan Cronshaw
Jay Cronshaw
Jay C.
18:38 23 Sep 21
Completely professional, supportive and patient from start to finish. Dan had such a lovely manner with my daughter, which enabled her to show what she can do competently and identify areas where, without help, she would be disadvantaged against her peers. The report was incredibly detailed leaving no question as to her needs going forward. Would definitely recommend, in fact, I already have to friends who would benefit.
Karen Beswick
Karen B.
16:15 06 Sep 21
Anne and Jenni were both absolutely lovely and dedicated from the minute we began speaking. They were both helpful and informative with all information given. The whole process was handled quickly with care and had a full understanding of the emotions involved. The report produced was thorough and everything was explained in great detail. I feel like I was listened to and understood throughout, I have recently recommended CAYP due to their high level of service provided.
Shauna Gillott
Shauna G.
18:16 04 Sep 21
Daniel has been amazing from the start to end, very highly professional and listened to all of my daughter concerns around her education needs and Beyond. I would recommend this service to any parents that has concerns around the child’s intervention needs at school especially children on EHCP. Identified issues that wasn’t ever brought to our attention. Amazing output. I would definitely come back if I needed to. Thanks once again.
Kash Saleem
Kash S.
23:17 03 Sep 21
I was searching for some time to find a good psychologist who could hopefully find out why my grandson's behaviour was so difficult and whether there were any underlying problems. After being on the waiting list for CAMHS for 5 years enough was enough, this little boy needed help fast so I decided that the only option was to go private. There were so many places offering private assessments and I contacted quite a few but there were things that just did not feel right about them, I eventually contacted CAYP Psychology and felt immediate relief, they were kind, understanding and extremely professional. Within hours I was contacted by a wonderful psychologist (Jenni) who listened to my concerns and sent forms to be filled in by parents, school etc and shortly after they were returned and assessed I was contacted and told what assessments were recommended for my grandson. I felt confident that I had finally found somewhere that genuinely cared so I went ahead. I am so glad that i made the decision to put all my trust in CAYP I had two of the loveliest psychologists I could ever have hoped for, Jenni Jardine and Anne maloney. They were so thorough, professional and kind my grandson was happy and comfortable in their company and did not want to leave. We finally got not only a diagnosis but also the assurance that they were only a phone call away and would be happy to advise on any future concerns plus the in depth report ensures that my grandson is now going to get the help he desperately needs. I can not praise CAYP enough they were absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone who is in a similar position, you will not be disappointed.
Janice Taylor
Janice T.
23:22 20 Aug 21
My child was struggling with anxiety for about 8 months before I contacted CAYP, from the initial appointment things improved. Jenni was excellent, very warm and my child immediately opened up. My child has had a few appointments and has improved significantly by using the strategies Jenni recommended. We all feel supported and much stronger. We are very grateful and would definitely recommend CAYP and Jenni to anyone struggling to access support, worth every penny !
Corrina Scott
Corrina S.
16:12 29 Jul 21
We contacted Dan at CAYP to do a report for our daughter who is a international para dressage athlete for the FEI. Right from the off Dan was fantastic, he made our daughter feel so comfortable and got the report to us without delay. Nothing was any trouble and he went above and beyond. We would highly recommend CAYP.
karen reilly
karen R.
12:55 29 Jul 21
We found Daniel and CAYP psychology through a recommendation from a friend. I phoned to make an enquiry about some support needed for my son, age 9, who was extremely anxious following a disrupted year. Daniel called me back the same day and discussed through his needs on the telephone.We attended an appointment with Daniel the next day. My son, despite his anxiety, warmed to Daniel who was brilliant at chatting with him.At no point was there any obligation or pressure to continue seeing Daniel and we were left to make appointments to suit us. In the meantime Daniel was available on the phone or e-mail for further advice.We have seen Daniel for 3 x 1hr appointments and although more expensive than some other services I feel that it was really good value for money. My son has made excellent progress and is a much happier child already, and Daniel has supported him to address some of his anxieties. This has given my son a massive boost in self-esteem and the skills he needs to address anxieties in the future.In summary I would highly recommend CAYP psychology to any of my friends!
Kate Lowe
Kate L.
12:11 28 Jul 21
When we first contacted Jodie at CAYP, we were desperate and frightened in relation to our 10 year old adopted daughter’s emotional well-being. Our time with Jodie has resulted in us feeling so much stronger, happier and safer as a family.We can’t thank her enough for all the help, support, education and strategies she’s given us. Jodie’s kind, warm and understanding approach enabled our daughter to feel safe to talk and share. We now have a much deeper understanding of our daughters needs, how to deal with the challenges and have a great foundation to build on.We highly recommend Jodie/CAYP.
13:21 06 Jul 21
Highly recommendedHonestly Daniel understood from the beginning, he got my son.He don't rush, he had time to listen he caredAmazing service, and the report was outstanding and helped a great deal with my sonThank you
Laura Rumney
Laura R.
10:29 25 Jun 21
I would highly recommend CAYP Psychology.We sought a cognitive assessment shortly after our 9-year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. We wanted to better understand his strengths and difficulties to help him in the classroom and in formal examinations. We met with Dan in the Clinic. Dan was really welcoming and friendly. He really helped engage our son throughout the assessment process and our son actually looked forward to the appointments with Dan. Dan provided a comprehensive assessment, verbal feedback of the results and a detailed report. The feedback and report has helped us as parents better understand our son's abilities and needs (he has clear strengths, but his specific difficulties are often masked), which I have recently shared with school, and the report provides justification for adaptations for our son for future exams and assessments to ensure an equitable approach. The assessment and report has been so important in understanding our son's needs, as we felt that his needs were previously misunderstood, and that his needs would likely fall through the cracks in terms of accessing support had it not been for the assessment. It truly has made a huge difference. Thank you Dan
14:41 22 Jun 21
CAYP Psychology is a fantastic and highly competent team of professionals offering an excellent quality of service to children, young people and their families. Having worked as a therapist in the team I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for psychological support for their loved ones.
Francine Bear
Francine B.
15:34 21 Jun 21
My teen daughter had been struggling with severe anxietyover this past year and as a parent it's hard to accept that you can't help them, and we had reached our limits on what to do and how to make her feel better.From the 1st appointment to the last, she was made to feel completely at ease. Completely professional with warmth, positivity and compassion throughout.Dr Jardine, we can't thank you enough for all your help andsupport during this time.We highly recommend CAYP Psychology
A Moo
A M.
20:11 15 Jun 21
I would highly recommend CAYP Psychology. My extremely anxious child was made to feel completely at her ease and able to perform assessment tasks that would normally result in increased anxiety and meltdown. In the final report, Dr Jardine identified exactly how my child's autism was affecting her ability to engage in the learning and assessment process. Her approach was supportive and collaborative throughout and has provided us with valuable evidence of her needs to inform the EHCP review.
Helen Crabtree
Helen C.
12:12 12 May 21
I can honestly say that, had we not found CAYP Psychology, we would have had no hope left to help our 9 year old daughter, who was heavily masking what Laura and Lisa diagnosed as ADHD and ASD. After so many years of heavily suspecting this but not being believed, and the consequences to our child as a result, I am amazed to say it took just a few weeks from our initial phone call with Daniel for our daughter to be diagnosed. Every person I spoke to during this process was friendly and helpful and everything was handled swiftly and professionally. Lisa and Laura were lovely, and my daughter trusted them immediately. The assessment was thorough, but relaxed, and my daughter didn't want to leave! Every enquiry we have made before, during and after has been answered in the most helpful way and the final report was so comprehensive there wasn't an area affecting our daughter that hadn't been covered, including recommendations. Her school said they now understand our daughter fully and the report was the best they'd ever seen! All for a very reasonable cost. Thank you so much Lisa and Laura, and everyone at CAYP! Our daughter will finally get the support she deserves.
Helen Tomlinson
Helen T.
17:58 30 Apr 21
We highly recommend CAYP Psychology. Our experience was using CAYP for an ASD assessment for our son. From beginning to end we felt genuinely cared for. Our son had fallen through the cracks of the medical system for years and we struggled to get clarity on what it was he really struggled with and how to best support him. CAYP was his God send.From the moment I contacted CAYP we felt we finally had found a team who were able to understand what he was struggling with. Within a very short period of time the CAYP team had him thoroughly assessed , looking at the situation from so many different angles . It was refreshing and reassuring. When the diagnosis of Autism came through it was delivered to us (parents and my son) incredibly sensitively and professionally. Laura and Lisa helped our son see his Autism in a positive light. They both helped him embrace who he is so beautifully, it is such a joy to watch. We attribute these positive changes to the fantastic way Lisa and Laura led the assessments and delivered the diagnosis.A detailed report is given ,which is very clearly written. It includes helpful strategies and recommendations. Any questions we had were answered along the way.CAYP is definitely the place to turn if you are looking for a dedicated team of caring professionals who will make sure you are sorted and looked after.Thank you so much Lisa , Laura and Daniel for all you have done!
Chaviva Scherer
Chaviva S.
19:04 28 Apr 21
I cannot recommend Daniel at CAYP Psychology highly enough. I was quite apprehensive about taking my daughter to see a phycologist, but Daniel was amazing , very friendly and down to earth. Daniel assessed my daughter for anxiety & low self confidence issues and provided an outstanding assessment report for her to support a high school appeal placement. If you have any concerns for your child and want somewhere who provides a genuine caring, friendly service then CAYP is the place to go.
james carter
james C.
15:33 22 Apr 21
Absolutely worth every penny and more...We where on the hunt for a professional who was passionate and cared about their work to be able to identify our daughters needs rather than be more interested in their pay check...Dr Dan from start to finish made us feel understood and valued as parents rather than telling us what he thought our daughter needs where without taking our input in to consideration..now because of his genuine compassion to help children and families who genuinely need it we have the right evidence and support to put in place what should be a very bright future for our daughter....we will be back in the near future to do the same for our son....until then a million thank yous Dr Dan take care.
Heather Vanson
Heather V.
20:22 20 Apr 21
We have seen Daniel at CAYP on a few occasions. He has helped us massively with our daughter who has autism and anxiety. Initially with consultations and recently a cognitive assessment. Would highly recommend
Roblox Designer124
Roblox D.
21:00 25 Mar 21
CAYP psychology recently completed a cognitive assessment for our almost 3 year old daughter. Our daughter had had an unusual journey so far and we had some concerns about her development. We were really struggling to know how best to support her and were just met with ever growing waiting lists. We booked an appointment to discuss this and straight away, we felt properly heard with our worries for her. Dan talked us through the process and discussed our concerns in depth. He was understanding and compassionate throughout.Our daughter has a visual impairment, and Dan really did an amazing job of adapting everything to her needs, going out of his way to give our daughter the best chance to complete the assessment. He was fantastic with her, and for days after she said "play with Dan." He really did make the assessment process fun for her.The findings and recommendations from the assessment and really detailed report are priceless to us. We have a much better understanding of her strengths and weaknesses, some idea's of how to help her and some reccomendations around what she might need. It's difficult to express what a relief it is to be able to do something to help her. I would definitely and wholeheartedly recommend CAYP psychology to families with concerns about their children.
Shell Kilmurray
Shell K.
19:55 15 Mar 21
We spoke with Daniel about our child’s night terrors. We had tried lots of different things but they were becoming more extreme and worrying.Daniel from the outset was a great listener. He was really interested in wanting to help and he had a really warm, natural way of dealing with us.During our consultation he was non-judgmental, knowledgable and easy to speak to. He came up with a plan which we put into place and to be frank the results were incredible. Within days the problem went from a near nightly issue to something which hasn’t happened again. We just wish we’d spoken to him sooner.Our advice is simple. If you’re worried get in touch. They know how to help and they are focused on solutions. It works and Daniel was very much if you need me again I’m here, but if it works all the best. You sometimes worry that you’ll be engaging in ongoing conversations (and let’s be honest costs) but there was none of that here. We had a problem. In an hour it was solved. Job done.
Andy Taylor
Andy T.
21:23 07 Mar 21
Fantastic and highly recommend to all parents/carers who have children who are experiencing difficulties or challenges in their development. Our 8 year old son has had language issues from being a toddler and although we have been under a Speech and Language Therapist and numerous Educational Psychologists, it felt that his progress wasn't moving forward in the way that we had hoped and coupled with covid and all the stress that it brings, we decided to try a different route, after little support or guidance from our GP. CAYP was one of three psychologists that we contacted and was the first to respond positively, actually ringing us within a few hours of me emailing. After a further zoom session, we all met Dr Dan and our son was happy to tackle numerous challenges and activities (all covid safe) within his setting. We received the report, which was tailored to suit our son and his needs within a week of the assessments. Our son felt happy, safe and comfortable and we received recommendations for ourselves as a family and for school also to support his needs. We have learned so much more about the struggles our son experiences on a daily basis and finally we can help him to overcome these barriers towards a brighter future. Thank you
Rachael Wilkinson
Rachael W.
15:39 07 Mar 21
Caring, compassionate and positive help, aimed just right at teaching children and young people how to learn the skills needed to manage their pressured lives as well as managing difficult medical conditions. Would highly recommend Daniel Weisberg to anyone looking for paediatric psychology services.
ellen scargill
ellen S.
19:58 17 Feb 21
I have had the pleasure of being a therapist with the CAYP Psychology team, and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are a very considerate, professional and dedicated team. Their experience and knowledge makes them leaders in the field and I highly recommend them to any family looking for support for their children and young people.
Erin Thompson
Erin T.
11:49 15 Feb 21
Wonderful and warm experience from start to finish excellent service Dr Daniel explained everything to me in a very clear manner highly recommended thank you for all your support keep up with the great work 👍👍👍👍
Rabia Butt
Rabia B.
22:44 10 Feb 21
My son has recently been assessed by Daniel, very positive experience. My son said that Daniel was easy to talk to and gave him time to speak. On a positive note as parents we also felt listened to and school have agreed to put recommendations from the report in place. If my son needs further assessment I would definitely go back to Daniel again.
Clare Murphy
Clare M.
11:01 06 Dec 20
I can’t recommend Daniel highly enough, from the initial phone call to the sessions we had he was superb. He is kind, understanding and obviously extremely good at what he does. We were after practical advice to handle a situation and the advice we received was invaluable. There were things in that session that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Thanks Daniel.
Brad Cohen
Brad C.
09:11 12 Nov 20
Our session with Daniel was very insightful. He gave me practical tips on how to manage my child’s progression. He ensured my child was in a comfortable environment to undertake the assessments and he was very friendly. We can’t thank Daniel enough for his help and we definitely recommend CAYP Psychology to anyone who is worried about their child’s education/Well being.
21:04 04 Nov 20
Daniel gave us the in-depth understanding of our child that we have needed for years. He has made a huge difference for us. We can't recommend him enough for his highly professional skills, kind nature and sincere wish to help children. We feel we are so much better dressed to support our child now. Our best recommendations for Daniel.
Shakela Ghafoor
Shakela G.
14:37 10 Sep 20
I was sceptical about contacting an establishment of this kind I guess what we don't understand makes us wary, after all this is for our children.. I reviewed a few places before I came upon CAYP. After reading their page & some, I had a gut feeling that I had found the right place. My boy is extremely quiet & shy& rarely makes eye contact. After our initial meeting, I knew we had found the right place. When we got the thorough and in depth assessment, we was happy in the knowing that we had done the right thing , and definitely at the right place. Now my boy can get the correct help in school. I only have one regret, that's that I hadn't done it sooner.. Thanks so much to all at CAYP
Julie Sayeed
Julie S.
10:13 06 Sep 20
We have recently worked with Dan with our 6 year old son who needed a full cognitive assessment.We approached the assessment process with some trepidation, as most parents would, but Dan went out of his way to put us all at ease and explained the whole process at each step.Dan is warm and friendly and soon put us and our shy son at ease.The assessment report is thorough and covers all aspects in detail without being swamped with jargon making it easy for parents to understand. Dan has gone out of his way to make sure we understood the results of each assessment and what this means for our little boy. He has written clear guidance for school to help our little boy reach his full potential.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CAYP Psychology to other families.
Kerry Saunders
Kerry S.
20:06 04 Sep 20
Daniel was outstanding from initial email contact right through to the fruition of an in depth Psychological evaluation and assessment of our daughter. His friendly manner, technical expertise and positive approach to his work ensured that our daughter willingly worked with him throughout the assessment which led to a very well written and in-depth report which was required to assist us in fully understanding aspects of her cognitive function and will help further with an appeal for extra provisions at school and with the local authority.We would fully recommend Daniel's services if you have even the slightest of worry that your child is struggling either at school or home. The cost for the service we felt was fair and we were willing to travel five hours, it was well worth it for the sake of our daughter's wellbeing.
07:54 01 Sep 20
We had been looking for someone to assess our child's learning difficulties.During all the meetings and testing , my husband and I both felt heard and acknowledge. Our son felt comfortable and was at ease, as soon as he entered the establishment. There were amazing Lego structures and books.The results at the end were explained thoroughly and in ways we could understand.We are so excited now to move forward armed with the information we needed to help our son have a full and happy life.
Mumma Jo
Mumma J.
19:33 25 Aug 20
A fantastic service! We would have no hesitation in recommending CAYP Psychology. Daniel provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere for us as a family, instantly allowing our child to feel at ease with his relaxed and friendly manner. He offered a thorough and extensive insight into the challenges that we had been facing and suggested a range of supportive strategies that have proven to be very successful. A cloud has definitely been lifted after seeing Daniel and we can't thank him enough.
Natasha Dickson
Natasha D.
14:01 26 Jun 20
Daniel gave us very good pieces of advice, which are helping a lot to improve the behavior of our daughter. Even if we had read a lot and tried different methods, he was really good finding key areas of improvement. He was very professional and he made us feel at ease. I would highly recommend him.
Jose Izquierdo Millán
Jose Izquierdo M.
16:14 09 Jun 20
Fantastic service. From the moment I first spoke to Daniel I knew I had found the right person to get the answers we so desperately needed. Daniel was very thorough and very understanding of the challenges we had been facing for such a long time. Very professional. Would highly recommend CAYP. Thank you Daniel
Julie Crossley
Julie C.
20:28 05 Jun 20
I would definitely recommend CAYP Psychology, Daniel is very thorough and helpful. Thank you Daniel for your help and advice.
shadowstorm Boys
shadowstorm B.
15:14 06 Mar 20
Daniel put each of my children at ease instantly with his exceptionally warm and friendly manner. He provides a through and professional service which cannot be faulted. The environment is welcoming with comfortable seating for parents in the waiting room. My son's only complaint after his assessment is that he wouldn't see Daniel again!
Zaneb Ali
Zaneb A.
14:20 14 Feb 20
My son recently underwent a cognitive assessment with CAYP in Autumn 2019 as his grades and behaviour in High School are poor.The Psychologist not only carried out a cognitive assessment but also looked at my son globally taking into account his early childhood experiences and his emotional state.He produced a very detailed comprehensive report. Which gave us so much more insight and information.we have been able to use this report to not only assure he receives the correct type of support at School but also used it to advocate parenting support regarding his emotional needs from another agency.
Helen Hennessy
Helen H.
11:21 22 Jan 20
We would like to say thank you to Daniel for all of his help with our daughter identifying her learning needs. Daniel phoned to discuss how he could assess our Daughter; he even discussed cheaper alternatives via different agencies for a none psychological assessment. He spent a long time explaining the assessment as well as detailing it in an e-mail. We decided to move forward with this assessment; our Daughter enjoyed every moment of her assessments with Daniel. He made the assessments fun and he was very approachable and she looked forward to her next visit with him; need I say more? We would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who feels that their child may have any types of special educational needs and it hasn't been identified through the education system. Just think; it might be a big expense short term, but your child's needs are priceless? Thanks again Daniel for all of your support 🙂
andy nelson
andy N.
15:52 25 Nov 19
We contacted CAYP psychology in desperation when our son was struggling emotionally whilst starting school. We had been through some tricky times as a family and as parents we were at the end of our tethers! We heard back from our initial email very quickly and had an appointment booked very soon after.We can't thank Dan enough for his guidance and support. In just a very small number of sessions we have gained a much deeper understanding of the challenges from everyone in the family's point of view. From these sessions we also gained some new ideas and strategies for moving forward in a more positive way. Now that we have had time to do things a bit differently, the results have been amazing. We also thought the setting for appointments was lovely too - a nice, calming space to be in.We are truly grateful for your professional and compassionate care of our family. In a brief time you made a significant difference to us all and our quality of life. It's also nice to know you are there if we ever need you!We really REALLY would highly recommend CAYP psychology and can't thank you enough.
MrandMrs K
MrandMrs K
21:04 04 Nov 19
Dr Dan has been treating my 10 year old daughter for anxiety with such good results. From the first phone call he immediately put me at ease and understood our situation. When he met my daughter face to face, he made her comfortable and explained things to her in an easy to understand way. We now have a plan and have seen immediate improvements which has made us feel so much more positive about the future, I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca S.
13:28 19 Aug 19
There were some concerns raised from school about my son not being able to sit still in class and they questioned wether he also had dyslexia and as Camhs had a long wait also as Camhs don’t pick children who are doing otherwise well in school and not a threat to themselves or others , I decided to go down the private route . I am so glad I did as Daniel is extremely professional , approachable and thorough. He made testing fun for my son and he not only gave us a detailed report , he explained it to us in depth as well. He worked with Us and was extremely accommodating , I would definitely recommend CAYP to others . I have already given his details to a few friends of mine 🙂
Haya Nadir
Haya N.
21:59 28 Jul 19
We were looking for an Educational Psychologist to assess our 7 year old daughter. Daniel was recommended to us by a professional practitioner. We found Daniel to be extremely proffessional, and welcoming and he immediately put our daughter at ease.Daniel completed a thorough and concise report which will hopefully, help our cause to gain a ECHP for our daughter. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services.
16:52 05 Jun 19
My grandson is struggling at school so I contacted Dan to see if he could help. I inundated him with questions before my grandson had his assessment and Dan was always professional and prompt with his responses and very understanding. My grandson was quite anxious about doing the assessment but Dan put him at ease which meant he actually enjoyed doing his assessment which was done at his pace over a couple of weeks. We now have a written report which only took a couple of weeks that the school now have to act on with little stress to my grandson. I would recommend Dan to anyone who has a child that is struggling, he will point you in the right direction and do all he can to get the answers you want
Jacquie Jones
Jacquie J.
19:11 26 May 19
We sought an assessment by Dan for our daughter in relation to potential learning needs. When she was asked to describe 'Dr Dan' she said "he is absolutely fantastic" and this is a view shared by the family. Dan was supportive, gave us as much time and advice as we needed and just seemed to 'get' our daughter and the situation we were facing. His report was clear and concise and he was very patient explaining the results and translating them so we understood not only the learning aspects but the general wellbeing impact too. Dan provided us with advice outside of the remit of his report, particularly in terms of dealing with other agencies we were working with and his advice really increased our confidence. We are so grateful for his support and cannot recommend 'Dr Dan' highly enough
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous A.
15:32 16 Feb 19
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