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Professional and Effective Assessment, Therapy, and Support

The world can be a tricky place for Children, Adolescents, and Young People.

Sometimes, they may need a little extra help. And whilst parents may be trying their hardest, they may also need some support.

That’s what we are here for. We are a specialist psychological healthcare service, led by highly qualified and experienced clinical psychologists. We offer outstanding psychological support and therapies for Children, Adolescents and Young People, and their families, living with emotional, behavioural, social, or psychological difficulties.

We are also very proud to offer comprehensive assessments for autism, ADHD, and learning abilities.

We can offer almost immediate appointments at our 34 nationwide clinics and online.


About CAYP

CAYP Psychology is an independent clinical psychology-led service specifically for Children, Adolescents and Young People, from newborn to 18-years (or 25 for autism assessments). We offer sensitive and thoughtful psychological therapies for a wide range of social, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. We are proud to offer an extensive range of support for parents.

We also have expertise in assessments of autism, and Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and assessments of intellectual functioning, giftedness, learning disabilities and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia.

We have two core values: We will do everything we can to offer the most effective, professional, and timely psychological support for Children, Adolescents and Young People. And we support our outstanding team to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people and families.

Our values-driven approach to children’s psychological wellbeing has been recognised by local and national awards, local authorities, schools and the NHS.

Oh, and we’re pronounced “cape”…

We Offer the Highest Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Proficiency

We specialise in effective, evidence-based and professional psychological work approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). We are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

We will always strive to practice to the highest standards, meaning that we prioritise your children’s wellbeing in a safe, trustworthy, honest and respectful manner.

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Psychological Therapies

We specialise in effective psychological assessment and intervention for a wide range of social, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties for children and young between up to the age of 18.

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Intellectual Assessments

We offer comprehensive assessments of cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses, in the context of psychological wellbeing.

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Autism & ADHD Assessments

We are very proud of our specialist assessments of Autism and Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for children and young people aged between 6- and 25-years.

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LGBTQI+ Support

Sensitive and thoughtful advice, support and information.

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Registered and Regulated

Our whole team are regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and we practice to the highest levels of conduct, performance and ethics.

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Meet The Team

We are a large team of highly qualified clinical psychologists, speech and language therapists, counselling and forensic psychologists, with experience of psychological therapies in private, NHS and charitable settings.

Our Amazing Testimonials

CAYP Psychology Trustpilot 88 Reviews
I found out about CAYP Psychology via a google search. I was sceptical about the quality of service i would receive, when i first got in touch with them, but now i am really pleased that i did. Help was immediately on hand, via an online chat , where i could explain my requirements re: my 10 year old daughter. The admin team put me in touch with Dr.Lisa Nelson, Clinical Psychologist,who has been nothing short of brilliant!She was very thorough and listened to every concern that i had as a parent and gave the same degree of attention to my daughter as well. My daughter was very comfortable , interacting with her and all the assessments were made as fun as possible, with adequate breaks in between. Dr.Nelson was very accomodative and even did home visits to carry out the assessments, to give my daughter the best opportunity and a familiar environment to undergo the assessments.Dr.Nelson's final report was very thorough and elaborate and it took into account our concerns and offered recommendations to help our daughter. She was able to explain the outcomes of the assessments to me and my daughter in a way that we easily understood.I will be more than happy to use CAYP Psychology in the future, if necessary again.
Soumya Kumble
Soumya K.
10:48 28 Feb 24
Fantastic service! Very supportive knowledge and really helped. Thank you so much Karen!
Jason Andrews
Jason A.
12:52 27 Feb 24
Dr Daniel Weisberg helped our 10year old son overcome mobility and anxiety issues he was facing following an illness quickly and efficiently. From the start Dr Weisberg was fantastic with our son, building a strong rapport and understanding how he was feeling. Our son has made a complete recovery of which we feel would not have been possible without the help from Dr Weisberg. We are so grateful and would happily recommend CAYP to others.
Daniel Taylor
Daniel T.
22:40 20 Feb 24
We as a family have just completed a ASD assessment with Jane Emerton & Neha Matharu. Jane and Neha were amazing and explained clearly each step and made us feel at ease and more importantly ensure that our daughter was made to feel comfortable with the process. They were extremely professional and showed empathy and understanding throughout. If the need is there then I highly recommend their services!
Andy Mariner
Andy M.
12:00 03 Feb 24
Both Dr Jenni and Dr Heidi ensured my son received the best care and support during his assessment process. My son was experiencing a very challenging time at school prior to me considering the private avenue. I couldn’t consider waiting the 7 years on the NHS. The assessment process was quick and easy but very thorough. I now have a detailed report that has opened many avenues for my son to get the support he needs. He is thriving with strategies made by Jenni and Heidi. The care received was personalised and made my son feel comfortable and safe. Thank you for the difference you have made to all our lives.
Hope Hughes
Hope H.
11:21 31 Jan 24
Sherrell's calm, approachable manner really made the process of undergoing an assessment much easier for my child. The final report was thorough, professional and helpful. Thankyou CAYP and Sherrell.
Ruth Phillips
Ruth P.
15:22 21 Jan 24
I had a really positive experience that I am so grateful for. I felt so comfortable during my assessment. My emails were replied to very quickly. I would recommend for anyone. Thank you CAYP.
Lily Norman
Lily N.
19:45 10 Jan 24
Excellent, rapid service. Jenni and Heidi were both extremely knowledgeable and approachable, and made us feel confident and at ease with the process.
Lindsay Ratan
Lindsay R.
13:54 08 Jan 24
Well; what can I say, I don't know how I would have got through this year without the help and support we have received from Alexandra Brown at CAYP.She has provided us a professional service; caring, understanding, compassionate, took time to understand and listen to what we were going through and very nurturing towards my daughter. This is why when the time was right we went to CAYP to use their assessment services.She has assisted me with where to go for additional support.I was at a loss of what to do and where to go, it has been a huge learning curve for me this year and I feel Alex has guided me through the whole process.It is a big financial stretch for most families, but I feel worth every penny and with splitting the payments we finally got answers ready for the next step and putting the right support in place.
Lisa Vernon
Lisa V.
11:32 21 Dec 23
Superheroes without capesI couldn't rate Anna and her team any more highly, my family and myself have struggled for years with my sons asd just trying to cope and be diagnosed. Cayp made his diagnosis simple and supportive.Anna at cayp is simply the superhero of our story and our guide to our new bright future. I really couldn't recommend her enough or thank them enough, and I know given time and understanding my son will thank her and her team too
Joanne Chapman
Joanne C.
12:39 13 Dec 23
Dr Hasan Waheed was amazing.
Lauren Queen
Lauren Q.
20:40 10 Dec 23
I feel so lucky to have had the support of Karen Tinsley at CAYP during the autism assessment process for my son. From the first conversation we had, I felt 'seen' and it was reassuring to have someone who was so kind and made me feel like I wasn't over-reacting. Karen helped me to realise that we had actually already made significant adaptations to our family life to cope with the needs of our son and that there was indeed a reason for this and it was not simply a behavioural issue or him being 'stubborn' or 'wilful'. The process was handled sensitively, in a professional manner with all parties involved, and I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to anyone who needed help with an ASD assessment.
12:40 13 Nov 23
Excellent service, very helpful and great after care.
Emma Sandbach
Emma S.
14:51 01 Nov 23
I had a wonderful experience. In the past, I had been hesitant with therapy due to feeling like there was a ‘one size fits all’ methodology to therapy, however this was not the case with CAYP psychology. The therapist I had took a few sessions to listen to what I’d like from therapy & to what the issues I was facing were, and then decided on a way forward that was personal to me. It was easy to communicate whether something works or not, and I generally just felt very comfortable and was able to be honestI also have ASD & I felt incredibly comfortable discussing what aspects of my life were impacted by it without feeling like it was made out to be the sole reason for certain issues.
23:07 25 Oct 23
Very satisfied with all the support from Mr Waheed, there’s been great improvement first few months, I feel I have been listened to and my opinion has been validated and Ive learnt new skills which have helped and improved my communication skills, Thank you.
12:41 23 Sep 23
Would highly recommend. A very caring company, we dealt with Dr Anne Moloney, who took the time to listen to us and consider everything, with a quick turnaround and positive result.
Robert C
Robert C
15:44 11 Sep 23
My Child has recently had an ASD assessment with CAYPS and I can't recommend them highly enough. Jenni and Anne were so kind, understanding and patient with Morgan. I felt they really listened to us and involved Morgan with every element of the assessment. We have had a really difficult few years with their mental health and they have struggled with many aspects of life including school, so I can't thank you enough for your help. Hopefully this will be the start of us getting some interventions in place so our child can finally start to reach their potential. Thanks again
Tim Griffiths
Tim G.
11:55 09 Aug 23
After a stressful and upsetting couple of months I found CAYP online and I'm so glad I did. Claudia and Roslyn were so nice with myself and my daughter they both made me feel at ease and helped me understand everything they were lovely and I'm so grateful for all that you both did I can't thank you enough. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is considering its worth it to get some reassurance.
angela mctaggart
angela M.
12:32 31 Jul 23
I can highly recommend CAYP and Alexandra Brown in particular. She has gone above and beyond in her work around the assessments for our son. She spent the time to discuss the assessments with us and to liaise with school and she was great with my son. A wonderful combination of warm and professional.
Anna Phillips
Anna P.
15:16 28 Jul 23
Lovely people. Easy communication. In depth but easy to understand report. Can’t fault them.
Jessica Hannan
Jessica H.
08:41 19 Jul 23
Outstanding Support: If you are reading this review then you are probably looking for someone to help a loved one going through a tough time, while at the same time feeling worried yourself. Trust us we have been there! Our child was suffering with anxiety and nerves which were stopping him doing the things he loved the most. We started therapy sessions with Sophia and instantly found her to be understanding, knowledgeable, supportive and clearly passionate about what she does. Her hands on approach to getting to the route of any issues, coupled with a step by step action plan has really helped our child who has made great steps forward and is improving all the time. Can't recommend her enough.
Rebecca Hey
Rebecca H.
21:15 21 Jun 23
I highly recommend Dr Dan at CAYP. He is very warm and personable. We needed some guidance and advice as our 7 year old son with ASD and ADHD was having difficulties with learning.Dr Daniel undertook a cognitive assessment on our son. We were given a follow up meeting to go through the report and make sure we understood it and were happy.This report has been absolutely invaluable for helping school staff understand our son’s needs. It has actually helped provide him with more support at school. We can’t thank you enough.
Jennifer Hardy
Jennifer H.
20:28 01 Jun 23
Highly recommend. Courteous, caring and professional service throughout the assessment process and beyond. Daniel made parents and children feel welcome and engaged and offered valuable insight and support. Would not hesitate in recommending to others.
Aislinn Marek
Aislinn M.
13:12 24 May 23
Amazing, very thorough, have never been so greatful to Zoe and Sarah, I’m just so thankful for the help and how it’s affected us as a family
Jade Fern
Jade F.
12:32 21 Apr 23
Iv known from a young age something wasn’t right with my boy jacob aged 8 but he is so clever and masks his behaviour so i had no support from school or the NHS we decided to go private and it’s the best decision we ever made, from start to finish the whole process seemed effortless nothing was too much for jenni and anne i was worried jacob would mask in the ASD assessment like he does at school but this wasn’t the case there were both amazing with jacob and finally got the answered we have waited so long to here i can’t thank anne and jenni enough and now with this diagnosis we can finally start to help help and get him the support he needs
samantha harwood
samantha H.
07:49 07 Apr 23
i had been really struggling a lot with life, not leaving my bedroom, horrendous mood swings etc, so my parents got in contact with Claire and she was amazing!! she has helped me so much and I am so grateful for her because i was in such a bad place god knows where I would be without her!!!
Libbi Mae
Libbi M.
19:29 06 Apr 23
We were referred to this clinic. After already having 2 of my children diagnosed with asc by chalms. This service was the best we have had. Quick efficient highly professional. Very easy to talk to. Highly recommend.
jo hampson
jo H.
13:22 11 Feb 23
From the enquiries to the assessment and finally the reports,all we had was an excellent experience. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner. Definitely recommend!!!
Orobosa S. Okhamafe
Orobosa S. O.
12:42 24 Nov 22
Amazing experience from start to finish. Receptionist was friendly and listened to my needs. Daniel was incredible and really helped with during a difficult and confusing time as a parent. He was exceptional and a really great psychologist. You can tell he genuinely wants to help and better peoples lives through helping them understand psychology and that’s what made my experience SO greatThank you Daniel and Cayp! Couldn’t recommend these guys enough
Yo yo Bug
Yo yo B.
23:21 24 Oct 22
We desperately needed some help for our 9 year old son who was struggling with anxiety and not sleeping in his own bed throughout and post covid. We were recommended CAYP by our sons school. We saw Daniel and our son bonded with him straight away. Daniel was excellent with him and within weeks we noticed a difference in our son. I can now happily say that we have our beautiful, confident child back which we lost for nearly 2 years. As a parent there is nothing worse than watching your child struggle and I highly recommend the help that we received. Thank you to Daniel.
08:52 19 Oct 22
My husband and I were looking for someone to help us with our daughter who was displaying signs of selective mutism along with some other anxiety and behavioural challenges. I got in touch with CAYP and was very quickly matched with Dr Holly Hadfield who has experience and expertise in this field and age range. I was able to have a conversation with Dr Holly before committing to anything and I found that very useful. We had some sessions over Zoom which, for my husband and I, was very helpful as we could both attend (whilst the children were sleeping).During the sessions we felt like we were really able to get our worries/ my daughters challenges across and our concerns were listened to intently. We have received some really good advice which has resulted it a very smooth school transition for our daughter. What my husband and I perhaps found most helpful was a professional telling us that lots of the things we were already doing were great and to carry on with those, along with some new techniques and ideas to try.All in all we are very glad that we got into combat this with CAYP and can’t recommend Dr Holly enough. Thank you.
Jenni Broadhead
Jenni B.
11:25 11 Oct 22
We approached CAYP for help after our daughter began showing signs of anxiety, along with school based difficulties. It was a relatively confusing picture for us as parents, she was struggling so much and we felt as though we had tried so much with little improvement. We spoke to Dr Emma Reid who from the outset dealt with things in a kind, caring and professional manner. My daughter underwent some assessments and Emma immediately put her at ease, and us as parents at ease too. Emma's formulation of our daughters difficulties has been so eye opening, she seemed to get a measure of her, along with her difficulties in a short space of time, and this has meant that we now have some informed strategies with which to support our daughter, along with some recommendations for school. The improvements that we have seen in a relatively short space of time have been nothing short of amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Emma, and of CAYP.
Graham Foster
Graham F.
18:45 28 Sep 22
We have had a series of video consultations with Dr Elene Robson from CAYP. These have been very helpful and effective and Dr Robson has been a great support always finding a suitable time for our meetings.
Kev Askew
Kev A.
16:02 18 Sep 22
We had the most wonderful experience with Holly.Holly really listened and gave excellent advise at different times during our sons early years.Highly recommended. Thanks Holly 🙂
Nicola Toubkin
Nicola T.
16:24 10 Sep 22
I cannot thank Lucie at CAYP enough! Our session was so enlightening for me and she’s genuinely helped me and my family beyond measures to put our minds at ease. She was so friendly and professional and I felt 100% relaxed in her company. I cannot recommend enough if you are searching for a child psychologist. Thank you so much Lucie!
Melanie McCowan
Melanie M.
20:12 25 Aug 22
A fantastic service I would highly recommend. Daniel made my son feel at ease throughout the assessment and was very understanding of his needs.
Sarah R.
09:05 22 Jul 22
CAYP has changed our life!Clarity, support, beyond helpful. Outstanding service and results, thankyou❤️
Joanne Ryder
Joanne R.
11:42 19 Jul 22
Dr Daniel Weisberg, he is a doctor like no other he has assisted my foster child in a professional caring empathetic capacity . This has led to the child getting the help he so desperately needed. Because of this I have spoken to other foster parents about taking Mr Weinberg’s services I will continue to do so, I can’t recommend him enough. CAYP are privileged to have such a good doctor in this clinic. Thank you so so much Daniel. Mags
Gail and Mags
Gail and M.
17:16 14 Jul 22
We were desperately looking for help with our daughter. The company had been recommended to us and we have nothing bad to say. Our initial email was replied to quickly and professionally. Our psychologist Dr Zoe Cross was fantastic, she was helpful, understanding and supportive throughout the assessments. Making us and our daughter feel comfortable. The reports were clear and in great detail with lots of recommendations and support advice. We can’t thank them enough for the support and timely assessments which will really help our daughter move forward.
Melissa Hughes
Melissa H.
12:20 06 Jul 22
Cannot praise Nic and Jenni highly enough. The loveliest of people. Communication couldn't have been better. Nic was our first and main contact and is amazing and Jenni equally as fab and lovely. We felt totally comfortable in their care. Went above and beyond to understand his needs and ensure his needs were met. Excellent at what they do. Total focus on helping the young person and us as a family. Their enthusiasm for making a difference is infectious. We have learnt so much. 10/10. Couldn't have asked for more. Would definitely use their services again.
Karen G
Karen G
09:15 25 Jun 22
I 100% recommend Cayp. Daniel has been marvellous. He has a very caring and understanding approach. You can see he genuinely cares for those who seek his help. I am extremely happy with the service I received, which was also fast, allowing me to get my child help quickly and efficiently. Daniel is great at seeing the whole picture of your childs needs, he listens and is extremelyhelpful. Thank you
Sarah Scott
Sarah S.
15:42 14 Jun 22
C8lin _12
C8lin _.
12:29 10 Jun 22
I cannot recommend CAYP highly enough. I approached them regarding concerns about my 16 year old daughter who has struggled with schoolwork since primary school.CAYP were able to identify her learning difficulties which had been missed in her primary and secondary schools. This has been an enormous relief not only to my daughter but also myself.Finally at college she is receiving the support she needs.A big shout out to Daniel at CAYP who helped my daughter throughout the meetings and assessment she had to undertake. He was incredibly understanding and made my daughter, who was anxious about the process, feel very comfortable.It’s a brilliant service and worth every penny.
Naomi Snelling
Naomi S.
10:38 15 May 22
Amazing service And really friendly people .
Keira Mills
Keira M.
10:24 10 May 22
Jenni our psychologist was really knowledgeable, caring and gave our daughter lots of coping strategies for her anxiety. I know our daughter felt that jenni was the first professional to really listen and understand her difficulties We would highly recommend CAYP and jenni in particular
Paul Cavvy
Paul C.
20:51 03 May 22
Excellent care and a reassuring process.All contact was friendly and professional and we would absolute recommend CAYP - and Jenni & Lisa - if you are looking for support and/or an assessment. We are really pleased with the experience.
rachel copeland
rachel C.
15:50 29 Apr 22
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