Seeing a psychologist privately overcomes many obstacles faced within the NHS. There is no waiting list. Paperwork and administrative tasks are kept to an absolute minimum. There is far more flexibility around the logistics. For example, there are no limits on the number of sessions offered and discharge policies are far more collaborative. 

By working privately with CAYP Psychology, you will have the direct contact details of your psychologist and there is more flexibility to adapt meetings to your needs and availability. Prior to working with us, we also offer a telephone consultation in which we can discuss if CAYP Psychology can offer the right level of support for you. 

Our process

Regular Meetings

Therapeutic interventions occur on a weekly basis, where possible, and last for an hour. The sessions are collaborative, engaging and informative. We include explanatory exercises and encourage you to continue these outside of sessions. Progress towards your goals is monitored and openly shared.

The ultimate aim is for you and the family to become the expert at understanding and managing the challenges, both now and for the future. 

The advantages of working with an independent clinical psychologist

Collaborative Assessment
All therapeutic relationships start with a detailed assessment of the difficulty, the context and wider circumstances. Over one or two sessions, we may ask various questions and may also ask you to complete one or more standardised questionnaires. 

Having established your needs and goals, we will review our understanding of the difficulties and discuss whether further therapy would be helpful. We will then explore options for the interventions with you and discuss how long it is likely to last.

Specialist psychological assessment...

CAYP Psychology are pleased to receive instructions from the legal profession. We specialise in neuropsychological assessment due to head or brain injury. We also work closely in assessment of capacity, assessment of psychological factors in personal injury and clinical negligence claims, and expert witness reports.  It is important for psychologists to work within their competencies and CAYP Psychology will initially assess the request to decide whether it falls within our areas of psychological expertise. 

CAYP Psychology offers clear terms of engagement and works on a fixed-fee basis.  At times, unforeseen complexities can lead to additional reading, preparation and/or assessment and may incur further fees at our hourly rate.  Cancellation fees also apply.

Medico-legal assessments and reports

We specialise in detailed and professional neuropsychological work. We also offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Meta-Cognitive Therapy (MCT), systemic and integrative therapies. CAYP Psychology adheres to evidence-based interventions approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). 

We work collaboratively with children, adolescents and young people experiencing a wide range of mental health, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Consultation, supervision and teaching


- Neuropsychological assessment of dyslexia, social communication difficulties, and other developmental disorders

- Developmental assessments, including assessments of cognitive and academic ability
- Specialist neuropsychological assessment for neurological conditions, including epilepsy and acquired brain injury
- Specialist assessment for concerns with learning, memory, communication, social skills and daily living skills.

- Anxiety, including panic attacks and phobias 

- Anger and emotional regulation difficulties

- Behaviours that are difficult to understand and manage, including extreme non-compliance or disruptive behaviour

- Bullying and social development, including cyber-bullying, technology and online safety

- Eating difficulties and concerns with body image 

- Medically unexplained symptoms and somatic difficulties

- Life transitions including adjustment to bereavement, family separation and new schools

- Low self-esteem, low mood and depression

- Parenting concerns and worries, from ante-natal and new parents through to having responsibility for teenagers

- Sleeping difficulties

- Toileting difficulties, including soiling and wetting 




... and effective support for social, emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties

​​Telephone or e-mail Consultation
During a short telephone or e-mail conversation with parents or carers, we can discuss if CAYP Psychology can offer support that works for you.

​We aim to discuss the challenges that you and your child may be facing, and the possible interventions that we may provide. We can discuss our fees and payment arrangements, and arrange future meetings for a date and time to suit you.

Our services extend beyond therapeutic input. We offer consultation and training to schools, healthcare professionals, care homes, charities and youth organisations. We will soon offer supervision for clinical psychologists, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) and other psychological healthcare professionals. We also have close links with the University of Manchester's doctorate in clinical psychology training course (ClinPsyD) and undergraduate psychology students (BSc).

Specialists in psychological assessment, intervention and support for children, adolescents and young people